April 2022
11Excluded Evidence in a Jury Trial
A jury is a sworn body of citizens convened to render an impartial verdict (i.e. decision) based on the evidence presented before it. A jury has both the power to acquit (not guilty) on a charge, and also to convict (guilty). In civil cases, the equivalent is to find the defendant liable or not liable....
11Can Courts Change Your Will Under Texas Probate Law?
In the absence of a will, a person’s property is distributed according to rules defined by the state of Texas. This process is known as “probate” or “administration” of the estate. But what happens if you have a will and it contains a mistake? Can your probate attorney or the the probate court fix it...
11Estate Without a Will
If a person dies without a will, the process of settling their estate is handled through the probate court in the state where they resided. The probate court oversees the distribution of the deceased person’s assets and payment of debts. Probate is a court-supervised process for transferring property (money, real estate, stocks, etc.) of a...