Estate Mediation

Texas Probate Law Case Study – Representation in Estate Mediation

In July of 2018, the father of the individual in question passed away, leaving behind an estate that needed to be probated. The individual hired an attorney to represent them in the estate mediation process, which has been ongoing for the past two years. However, after no resolution was reached, the individual’s attorney was appointed […]

dispute over the validity of a will

Case Study: Dispute over the Validity of a Will in Texas

In Texas, the probate process is governed by the Texas Probate Code. When a person passes away, their assets and liabilities are gathered, and their debts are paid off before distributing the remaining assets to the beneficiaries. One of the most crucial documents in the probate process is the last will and testament of the […]

Guardianship Responsibilities

Guardianship Responsibilities Under Texas Probate Law

Texas Probate Law provides a legal framework for individuals to apply for guardianship responsibilities over another person who is unable to make their own decisions due to incapacity, such as dementia. However, becoming a guardian also comes with certain responsibilities and consequences if those responsibilities are not fulfilled. In this article, we will examine the […]

Affidavits of Heirship: A Real Texas Family’s Experience

When a person dies without a will, their assets are distributed according to Texas’s laws of intestacy. However, transferring ownership of these assets can be a complex and lengthy process if the proper documentation is not in place. This is where the concept of affidavits of heirship comes into play. In this blog article, we […]

Default Judgements on Inherited Property: A Case Study

Probate law can be a confusing and overwhelming process for those who have recently inherited property. In Texas, probate law governs the distribution of a deceased person’s assets, including real property. When an individual dies, their assets must pass through probate before they can be distributed to the heirs or beneficiaries. In this blog post, […]